• Almighty Press

    Almighty Press

    Identify, Curate, and Schedule Trending Content, Before it’s Trending! — https://almighty.press

  • Carine Zeier

    Carine Zeier

    Venture Developer

  • Silje Gabrielsen

    Silje Gabrielsen

    Designer at Hiro Futures. Our team of robot engineers, software developers and designers are working on the future of human-machine collaboration. 🤖

  • Ståle Karlsen

    Ståle Karlsen

  • Bjarke Calvin

    Bjarke Calvin

    Taking the world from social media to insight media with Duckling.co. Insight Media is new story format built on contextual and collective human thinking.

  • larsling


    A PURE POSSIBILITY CleanTech Entrepreneur & Evangelist. Accelerating CLEANTECH companies & IMPACT ecosystems with FINANCING, STRATEGIC ADVISORY & STORYTELLING.

  • Cedric Charpenet

    Cedric Charpenet

    Regional Sales Manager, French Speaking Countries @ Ondato. Helping solve KYC/Compliance issues.

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